Important! Facebook SSL Certificates MUST be trusted by SharePoint 2010

In order to leverage the Facebook Graph API, SharePoint 2010 must first be configured to trust Facebook's SSL certificates. Additional information about this, including where to find the necessary certificates, can be found here.

Installing Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010

Please note that the Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 must be deployed as a farm-level solution.

WSP Installation

If you have downloaded the Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 as a WSP, you may run the following PowerShell commands to install them:

  • Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath <Path to FacebookWebParts.wsp>
  • Install-SPSolution -Identity FacebookWebParts.wsp -WebApplication <URL of Web Application> -GACDeployment
  • Enable-SPFeature -Identity FacebookWebParts_FacebookWebParts -Url <URL of Site Collection>

Source Code Installation

Alternately, if you downloaded the source code Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010, you may deploy the project directly from Visual Studio 2010 by setting the "Site URL" property of the project.

Using the Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010

After installing and deploying the Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010, the following web parts will appear in the "Facebook Web Parts" category:

  • ClaimsViewerWebPart
  • SPSDemos
  • StatusUpdateWebPart
  • WeatherWebPart

For the most part, these web parts will "just work" assuming you have properly configured Facebook as an identity provider for SharePoint 2010 with the following claim types passed to SharePoint:

Claim Type Default URI
Facebook Graph API AccessToken
Email Address*
Given Name*

* Required only by the "SPSDemos" web part for creating an SPUser object and updating its display name.

Any web part that makes use of the claim types defined above may have the default URI for that particular claim type overriden by editing the properties of that particular web part and changing the URI.

Please note that the WeatherWebPart also requires an API key from The Weather Underground in addition to the Facebook Graph API AccessToken.

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