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Facebook Web Parts for SharePoint 2010

As demonstrated at SharePoint Saturday events in Virginia Beach, Boston, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Washington, DC, this project contains a series of web parts and code snippets to jump-start your integration of Facebook with SharePoint 2010, including:

  • Current weather conditions in the user's current city (via The Weather Underground API)
  • Status updater (with optional link URL, name, caption, description, and image URL) - updates the current user's Facebook status and SharePoint user profile
  • Update the default display name of the SPUser to the user's Facebook name
  • Post a photo or video from the file system to the user's Facebook stream
  • Populate a calendar list with Facebook friends' birthdays
  • Populate a contacts list with Facebook profile information
  • Populate the SharePoint user profile with Facebook profile information


In order to make use of these web parts, you must configure Facebook as an identity provider in a Claims-based web application in your SharePoint 2010 environment. This can be done using Windows Azure Access Control Service or through your own custom identity provider. You must also pass through the Facebook AccessToken claim. The specific URI for this claim is configurable via the properties of each web part.


This project incorporates and includes DLLs for the following projects:

This project is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

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